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HerShe Las Vegas, Incorporated provides supportive housing for former foster youth and prepares them to successfully transition into adulthood by creating and maintaining a supportive sanctuary or trauma-sensitive environment that facilitates movement towards healing, growth and change.

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Five Primary Components

DSCN3255The camp component serves as an entry point for new girls to the year-round activities. Girls attending Camp Cinderella or Cinderella Mini-Camps receive leadership training and are exposed to extraordinary experiences (e.g., kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding, high ropes, etc.). The camp curriculum begins to build the sisterhood among the girls. n They leave camp knowing that they “belong” to something – HerShe.

2015-03-19 14.30.59HerShe girls learn to transition successfully into adulthood as they live in safe, structured, supportive HerShe housing. Girls can apply online but must be accepted into the program. The selection process includes the online application, high school transcripts, and a panel interview.

Conveniently located near bus routes, shopping, schools, and facilities, you can live in a safe environment that will help you successfully transition into adulthood and to actualize your full potential. This location is geared for young women who are looking for the comforts of dorm- style living including meeting new people, on-site transition training/classes, and becoming a part of the HerShe community.

IMG_7112The youth development/transition training component supports our mission by teaching life skills, leadership development and workforce development. The girls attend bi-weekly sessions and/or weekend mini -camps that provide instruction in health (including sexual health, fitness, nutrition, etc.), money management (budgeting, saving, credit, etc.), etiquette, career planning, artistic expression (dance, poetry, music and drama), home management (seeking housing, buying furniture, cooking, etc.), character-building (focusing on honesty, integrity, forgiveness, compassion, self-esteem and self-acceptance), work readiness (resume building, interview skills, soft skills development, computer literacy, etc.), and entrepreneurship (business planning, product development, competitor analysis, financial forecasting, marketing, etc.).


Mentors are the core strength of the program and support the girls’ ability through coaching to achieve a higher level of education and to find meaningful work. As the friendships deepen with the girls, our mentors assist the girls in removing the emotional barriers of anger, resentment, depression and low self-esteem. Finally, mentors expose the girls to several extraordinary and normalizing activities every month.

HerShe provides opportunities for exposure to extraordinary and normalizing experiences. Foster youth are unable to participate in the normal experiences of teenage life. Many youth have never even had a birthday cake. Hence, HerShe provides regular exposure to extraordinary and normalizing experiences, i.e. plays, sporting events, concerts, museums, bowling, karaoke, horseback riding, pajama parties, visual and performing arts, birthday celebrations, dancing, poetry, movies, television tapings, campfire, yoga, picnics, vacations, and much more!

Other Programs


Healing through Written Expression

Peer Support

Peer and maternal influences are one of the strongest.

HerShe Performing Arts

Creative instruction in dance, drama, vocal performance, prose and poetry.

I’m in college now but I miss my HerShe family!! It’s crazy because I’m doing something productive for my future, but It seems like I’m missing sooooooo much while I am doing this college thing!


HerShe is an important organization that helps girls in foster care reach their fullest potential. I can see with my own eyes how the girls have grown over the years.

Sanaa Lathan

You are beautiful and amazing! I am forever grateful and in awe of you! Thank you for what you have contributed to my life and what you continue to do with for girls in foster care ….I love you!!!!!


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