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The good news is that everything we know about development suggests that vulnerable, ill-served young women – even those who carry a decade of inadequate services and poor behavior – can transform their lives when support is delivered comprehensively, consistently and in ways that respect their voices and build on their strengths. The transition to adulthood is not complete until young people are on educational and career trajectories leading to a family wage. The challenge is to prepare youth adequately for the big tasks of the first three decades of life: figuring out who they are, finding a way to be productive, and finding someone with whom to spend their lives.

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Become A Coach

Cinderella SocietyThe consequences of our collective failure to adequately prepare foster youth for life on their own are woven throughout every aspect of their lives after foster care. They are evident in the bleak outcomes and challenges these youth face in the areas of educational attainment, employment, housing, homelessness, physical and mental health issues, credit issues, and identity theft.

However, foster youth who achieve success can generally point to one or two special adults who have supported them along the way. Along with HerShe’s support, school and community resources, studies show that a stable relationship with a caring adult can make all the difference.

Transition Life Coaches provide HerShe girls with the encouragement and coaching they need to do well academically, professionally and personally. Coaches make a one-year commitment to support three to four girls with at least weekly communication. Coaches generally dedicate from one to three hours a week to the HerShe program.

In order to be a coach, you must be 25 or older, complete an initial application and interview, pass a background check, and participate in comprehensive training offered both in person and online.

Simply complete registration form and a HerShe representative will contact you to begin the process of becoming a mentor.

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Become A Fairy Godmother

We believe the Cinderella story is really the story of a foster child, which is more than a tale of girl who loses a shoe and finds a prince. The Cinderella story is that of a girl who lives in a home where she is abused, neglected and treated like an outsider but who dares to follow her dreams and, in the end, achieves them.

And while the fairytale Cinderella feared the loss of her dress and carriage at midnight, the clock strikes midnight for our girls when they turn 18 and they are very fearful of what they will lose once they are emancipated from foster care and living entirely on their own.

Studies show that the girls’ fears are well-founded. For the estimated 30,000 youth who age out of the system each year, one in two of them have been physically and/or sexually abused. Studies also find that seven out of ten foster youth will be homeless within one year of emancipation. Six out of ten foster youth will be incarcerated within one year of emancipation. And while it’s notable that one out of ten foster youth go on to college, only one in 100 will graduate from college.

Every child in the foster care dependency system has, by virtue of being in the system, been abused, neglected or abandoned by their families.All of the girls participating in the HerShe program were taken from their families during a crisis and have been frequently shuffled among relatives, foster families an d group homes and transferred from school to school, and neighborhood to neighbor hood. These frequent and recurring ordeals have a marked destabilizing effect on the young women that can halt their successful academic and social development into adulthood as they are forced instead to confront the more immediate traumas of their youth.

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Teach The Girls

Beauty for AshesIf you are interested in sharing the richness of your knowledge and expertise by providing a workshop/class or an experience that will add valuable knowledge or exposure to our girls, please submit a short proposal. We are open to a variety of ideas and are actively looking for proposals that will significantly impact their development. We encourage each presenter to think outside the box innovatively and creatively during the planning and preparation process.

Classes that have been proposed and used include (but are not limited to):

  • Praise dancing – Kendal Robinson
  • Cooking – Antonia LaFosa
  • Painting – Michael Massenburg
  • Art & Jewelry – Nia Long
  • Financial Literacy – Jack and Jill
  • Etiquette – Venitious Quash
  • Dating – Ryeal Sims
  • Writing – Annie Stein
  • Public Speaking – Lionel Trouillier
  • Self-Esteem – SanaaLathan
  • Motivation – Hill Harper, Collins Penny, Gina Prince-Bythewood, NaturiNaughton, Latoya Luckett, Eve, Regina Hall, Valerie Bertinelli
  • Fear & Resentment – Theresa Fair

Proposals must be submitted in hard copy to:
Fax:  (888) 875-8644

Click Here to download our proposal template.

Please visit our “Ways to Give” page for additional ways to contribute to our cause.

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